The HO Planning and Monitoring Department is in charge of all JES Multi-discipline projects' planning, scheduling, monitoring, and management information systems.

All planning functions (including project HO planning and site planning) work as extended arms of the Chief Management. The key functions of the dept are:

  • Creating and sustaining a pool of skilled planning engineers and their positioning in projects
  • Implementation of planning and monitoring processes across all projects
  • Designing and upholding the Project Monitoring Departments
  • Benchmarking (Critical Path, activity duration, resource utilization)
  • Developing infographics & Progress reports to senior management and Clients
  • Standardization of Project management templates, and promotion of active planning and monitoring using software like Primavera, MSP, Maximo, etc.
  • Acting as a sole window for reference to all projects, and enhancing time and project costs
  • Core monitoring of all Projects in regards to Schedule Progress and Budget Utilization
  • Assuring the prompt availability of resources in all the phases of the project life cycle
  • Material planning and management
  • Integrating communication to and from client
  • Development of Advanced and effective Mitigation techniques


JES strives to be a leading contracting company by continuing to give client satisfaction, and it is recognized as a useful instrument for the establishment and administration of effective business processes at JES. Quality Management establishes a major strategic direction for a company's operations.

Every aspect of the project is infused with quality control by JES. We recognize that the client's gratitude for the good installation will last long after the project is finished. Throughout the process, we insist on perfection.

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