Stepping up with fast changing needs in industrial and organizational management, JES is proud to have implemented a strategy of integrated HRD intervention policy for Managers, Supervisors and workers focused on the following sub systems:

Training and Development System

Assessment of training need, communication about opportunities, organizing internal and external training programs, periodical skill training and work shop to different levels of employees.

Performance Appraisal System

Identification of key performance areas, target setting, and behavioral assessment of managerial effectiveness, self-evaluation, performance analysis, and so on.

Our Model of Training Support System

Potential Appraisal System

Identification of functions and qualities required to perform these functions for each role in the organization, development of indicators to quantify these characteristics so that higher-level positions and promotions can be decided on, and so on.

System for Career Planning and Development

Identification of internal career chances, potential feedback, and counselling, among other things.

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