One of JES's top focuses is Omanization. We recognize that, on-the-job training is an issue that must be addressed urgently. Such training assists Omani nationals in acquiring the relevant job-related skills.

In this regard, we administer aptitude and general English comprehension tests to technical school graduates. They are then trained on the job at various locations.

Trainees participate in “on-the-job” practical training with other employees, and their progress is tracked on a regular basis.

We also provide Omani Engineering students with part-time training based on the "internship" approach. JES is committed to economic success, and its product, as well as investments in human resources and investments aimed at improving the environment, all contribute to local development and growth.

JES believes that its people are its most valuable asset, and the company ensures their well-being by assisting them in their personal and professional development.

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