JES Mechanical division serves process and utility requirements in Steel plants, Water treatment plants, Aluminium smelter plants, power plants & all industrial sectors. JES undertakes specialized design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and installation of process skids, pipelines, steel structures, tanks and heavy static and rotary equipment installations at green and brown field projects.

Our expertise in process & power piping includes carbon steel, stainless steel, GRP piping, HDPE piping for various services. We have skilled and experienced fabricators, welders and GRP laminators to undertake jobs of any complexity. Fabrication, installation, and commissioning of pre-insulated chilled water line systems are all handled by our specialist team.

We have the expertise to fabricate, install and commission HDPE, GRE, GRP pipe lines and our team is conversant with the use of various types of polyethylene pipes and various methods of jointing like butt fusion welding, electro fusion welding, compression type, mechanical couplings etc.

In collaboration with world-class consulting organisations, we do specialized engineering services such as live pipe line freezing, online welding, and hot tapping.

In the field of Pre-Engineering Building Erection, JES associates with reputed Pre-Engineered Steel Structure Manufacturing Companies in compliance with agreed client’s requirements and expectations JES works with reputable Pre-Engineered Steel Structure Manufacturing Companies to erect pre-engineered buildings in line with client’s requirements and expectations.

The range of mechanical services will include but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  • Piping fabrication & onsite installation & commissioning
  • Structural Steels Fabrication including supports, handrails, ladders, platforms, equipment foundation frames
  • Onsite installation of pre-fabricated structural steels
  • Hydro / pneumatic testing as per test packages
  • Installation & commissioning of heavy static and rotary equipment
  • Fabrication & installation of pre-engineered buildings

Our management approach is professional, collaborative and inclusive which encourages excellent working relationships among all stakeholders.

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