JES offers comprehensive range of process and utility requirements of industries such as Iron & Steel plants , Water treatment plants, Aluminum smelter plant, Manufacturing and the Commercial sectort and food along with the utility needs oings.considerabe

Our services will take any project from the construction drawings right through to final handover and commissioning. Mechanical erection Services includes plant & Machinery / Associated piping, Conveyers , Silos, Fuel tanks , Fuel Piping, TSE/potable water piping.

Piping Division

  • Process piping fabrication & onsite installation of Carbon steel, Stainless steel, &
  • other exotic metals as necessary using Mig, Tig, & SMAW welding processes
  • Medical gas installation
  • Water distribution & waste piping systems
  • Commercial & Industrial Plumbing
  • HVAC Piping systems
  • Boiler Installations & Services
  • Ammonia Refrigeration systems
  • Process instrumentation installations
  • Columbia Gas Operator Qualification personnel

Water Treatment Division

  • Wastewater / Sewage treatment facilities
  • Potable water treatment facilities

Air handling / Air Distribution Division

  • Commercial & Industrial HVAC sheet-metal fabrication & installation
  • Air ventilation systems for industrial applications