JES is committed to quality services for our clients, Health and Safety for our employees and others, who may be affected by our activities, protect our environment and continuously strive to improve the effectiveness of our Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Management system.

We have implemented an HSE Management System that not only meets our clients' requirements but also takes the step further of ensuring that our values and convictions are embedded within. This was further demonstrated by actively implementing key leading measures to ensure that we adopt a proactive approach to HSE. This is an ongoing commitment that will be strengthen and increased by time.

Safety awareness among employees is created and sustained through intensive training programmes. As a result of JES striving commitment for safe and healthy work places, we have experienced safe and smooth years of operations with relatively no incidents.

Quality Assurance and Control

JES aims to attain the highest standard of services within the construction industry and intend to be a leading contracting organization by continuing to provide client satisfaction and at JES, it is regarded as a useful tool for creation and management of effective business processes. Quality Management creates a major strategic direction of the business activities.

JES infuses Quality control into every facet of the project. We thoroughly understand the client's appreciation of the excellent installation will persist long after the project is complete. We insist on excellence throughout the process. We have focused on our quality since inception.