ESE Lightning System

E.S.E. Lightning Arrester

Extending into the spectrum of lightning arresters, we bring forth an impeccable quality of E.S.E. lightning arrester for protecting structures such as high rise buildings from damage by intercepting flashes of lightning. These arresters transmit the lightning current to the ground, which in turn ensure the total protection of the building. Manufactured by implementing latest technology, these arresters have the capability of withstanding toughest weather conditions.

Working Principle

The basic purpose of the ESE Lightning Arrester is to produce ionization directed at the cloud so that the electrical charge in the lightning strike can be channeled from the very beginning. It consists of emitting an ascending electrical unloading to influence the effect of the descendant tracer.


  • Implemented with latest technology
  • Non-electronic type
  • 100% effective discharge capacity
  • Carries lightning current without resistance
  • In compliance with the industrial standards
  • Technical qualities remain unaffected after each strike
  • No external power required
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to install
  • Resistant to both corrosion as well as high temperature
  • Can withstand adverse weather conditions


The application of the E.S.E. Lightning Arrester is to provide the highest levels of lightning protection to the buildings from lightning. The ESE Lightning arrester is designed and installed as per the application requirement parameters, which includes dimensions of the structure, required level of protection and terminal type.

Components used in the implementation of E.S.E. Lightning Arrester Technology:

The components that are used in ESE Lighting Arrester includes: Air Terminals, Down Conductor, Lightning Strike Counter, Earthing.

Air Terminal

Air Terminal is a device that is meant for protection from lightning. It consists of a spherical part made from metal and is fixed to the top.

Down Conductor

The down conductor connects lightning rod with earth pit that makes a discharge path and contains movable electric charges.

Strike Counter

The Lightning Strike Counters is a functional device that shows the intact operation of the lightning system by counting the strikes of the lightning from lightning rods and eliminators


The earthing systems are efficiently designed and installed for the safe conduction of extreme and high voltage that is associated with lightning strikes.